How to use LastPass and ProtonMail with 2 passwords

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LastPass and ProtonMail how to guide

If your like me, you have many many many password to keep track of. Impossible! This needs a password manager. Step in to the light LastPass! I’m not going to explain that LastPass is as I will assume you will know already or will now go and google it.

I also use ProtonMail, again google them too, but in short they provide encrypted email. The thing is that with ProtonMail I need to enter 2 passwords.
1 to login to the site with my username and password, the 2nd one is for me to decrypt the mailbox. For a while I struggled with this, instead storing the 2nd password as a secure note in LastPass. Having to keep copy and paste this alot was getting annoying, so i reached out to the staff at LastPass and they worked with me to resolve this issue and i would like to share that knowledge with you wonderful followers.

Go to the login page of the website.


Assuming you have the browser plugin,

  1. click on the icon
  2. click on show matching sites.


Next Click on Edit


Now click on Edit Form Fields


Click on Add Form Field


You will see the following screen, change the Field Value to your mailbox decryption password.


Now Click on Add and your done.

From here on , LastPass will auto fill the username and password, then when the decryption page comes up it will also auto fill that page too.