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” dir=”auto”>
import { download } from './payload.esm';
  • Call download() function:

  • Happy phishing 🙂

  • FAQ

    Q: I have an error RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded, how to solve it?

    A: This issue described here. To fix it, try to disable splitStrings in obfuscator.js or make smaller payload (it’s recommended to use up to 2 MB payloads because of this issue).

    Q: Why does my payload build so long?

    A: The bigger payload you use, the longer it takes to create a JS file. To decrease time of build, try to disable splitStrings in obfuscator.js. Below is a table with estimated build times using default obfuscator.js.

    Payload size Build time
    525 KB 53 s
    1.25 MB 8 m
    3.59 MB 25 m

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