IMAPLoginTester – Script That Reads A Text File With Lots Of E-Mails And Passwords, And Tries To Check If Those Credentials Are Valid By Trying To Login On IMAP Servers

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IMAPLoginTester is a simple Python script that reads a text file with lots of e-mails and passwords, and tries to check if those credentials are valid by trying to login to the respective IMAP servers.


usage: [-h] -i INPUT [-o OUTPUT] [-s] [-t SLEEP_TIME] [-T TIMEOUT] [-P SOCKS5_PROXY] [-v]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i INPUT, --input INPUT
input file with e-mails and passwords
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
save successes to output file
-s, --show-successes show successes only (no failures)
-t SLEEP_TIME, --sleep-time SLEEP_TIME
set sleep time between tests (in seconds)
set login requests timeout (in seconds)
-P SOCKS5_PROXY, --socks5-proxy SOCKS5_PROXY
use a SOCKS5 proxy (eg: "localhost:9050")
-v, --verbose show verbose messages

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