IoTGoat – A Deliberately Insecure Firmware Based On OpenWrt

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The IoTGoat Project is a deliberately insecure firmware based on OpenWrt. The project’s goal is to teach users about the most common vulnerabilities typically found in IoT devices. The vulnerabilities will be based on the IoT Top 10 as documented by OWASP:

IoTGoat 2 OWASP IoT Top 10 2018 final

To get started with developing IoTGoat challenges, review the Build Environment Guidance page. Precompiled firmware and an OVA with the latest build can be found via If a crucial challenge idea is missing, please reach out to the project leaders below or add details to the project task page. Be sure to join the OWASP Slack team, then join the #iot-security for news on upcoming project meetings and updates.

Project leaders

  • Aaron Guzman (@scriptingxss)
  • Fotios Chantzis
  • Paulino Calderon
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