Kage 2 dashboard

Kage (ka-geh) is a tool inspired by AhMyth designed for Metasploit RPC Server to interact with meterpreter sessions and generate payloads.
For now it only supports windows/meterpreter & android/meterpreter.

Getting Started

Please follow these instructions to get a copy of Kage running on your local machine without any problems.


  • Metasploit-framework must be installed and in your PATH:
    • Msfrpcd
    • Msfvenom
    • Msfdb


You can install Kage binaries from here.

for developers

to run the app from source code:

# Download source code
git clone https://github.com/WayzDev/Kage.git

# Install dependencies and run kage
cd Kage
yarn # or npm install
yarn run dev # or npm run dev

# to build project
yarn run build

electron-vue officially recommends the yarn package manager as it handles dependencies much better and can help reduce final build size with yarn clean.

For Generating APK Payload select Raw format in dropdown list.


Kage 2 dashboard 1

Kage 3 sessions

Kage 4 control panel1

Kage 5 file manager

Kage 6 server


I will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to the usage of this tool, it is for educational purposes only.

Twitter: @iFalah

Email: [email protected]


Metasploit Framework – (c) Rapid7 Inc. 2012 (BSD License)

node-msfrpc – (c) Tomas Gonzalez Vivo. 2017 (Apache License)

electron-vue – (c) Greg Holguin. 2016 (MIT)

This project was generated with electron-vue using vue-cli. Documentation about the original structure can be found here.

Download Kage

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