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LockBit 2.0 Ransomware

NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the LockBit 2.0 Onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Namevvrmc[.]org | Part 1
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vvrmc org Part 1 victim
DescriptionVal Verde Regional Medical Center, (VVRMC), has been part of the history of Val Verde County for nearly six decades. Val Verde Memorial Hospital. +96,000 patient records with following table format. PatientID|AccountNo|MRN|FirstName|MiddleName|LastName|Email|Address1|Address2|City|State|Phone|Mobile|Pager|Zip|DOB|SSN|Gender|Status|Type|Emp Name|Emp Addr 1|Emp Addr 2|Emp City|Emp State|Emp Zip|Emp Phone|PCP|Marital|GuarantorName|GuarantorDOB|Guarantor Relation|ReferringDR|RenderingDR|Notes record examples 101092|101092|417758|JOSE|ALEJANDRO|PEREZ|[email protected]|209 E BOWIE ST||DEL RIO|TX|325-266-4663|||788407142|03/28/2017|000-00-0000|male|Active|Patient|Infant |||||||Nodar Jose|Single|PEREZ MARTHA|12/26/1989|CHILD/INSURED NO FINANCIAL RES| |Nodar Jose| 101523|101523|418159|STELLA|RAINE|ESQUIVEL|[email protected]|2404 N MAIN ST||DEL RIO|TX|830-422-5933|830-422-5933||78840|04/13/2017|668-71-9762|female|Active|Patient|Child|||||||Guerrero Roy|Single|Esquivel Ana|11/01/1990|CHILD/INSURED NO FINANCIAL RES| |Guerrero Roy| 98785|98785|416402|Analith|M|Constante||100 ROYAL WAY DR|APT 13B|DEL RIO|TX|860-383-6697|||78840-3086|08/13/2015|811-96-6663|Female|Active|Patient|CHILD|||| |||Nodar Jose|Single|Seilhammer Courtney|03/02/1984|CHILD/INSURED NO FINANCIAL RES| |Nodar Jose| 100709|100709||Diego||Henderson||7309 PENSACOLA AVE||FORT WORTH|TX|817-239-0298|||76116-7832|06/11/2001|000-00-0000|Male|Active|Patient|Unemployed|||||||No PCP .||Henderson Guillermo|02/09/1979|UNKNOWN| |Leaming William|
Number of Leaked Files
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Publish Date of Files if Ransom is not Paid22 Mar, 2022 23:59:00
WarningAll available data will be published !

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