LockBit 2.0 Ransomware Victim: www[.]optoma[.]com

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LockBit 2.0 Ransomware

NOTE: No files or stolen information are [exfiltrated/downloaded/taken/hosted/seen/reposted/disclosed] by RedPacket Security. Any legal issues relating to the content of the files should be directed at the attackers directly, not RedPacket Security. This blog is simply posting an editorial news post informing that a company has fallen victim to a ransomware attack. RedPacket Security is in no way affiliated or aligned with any ransomware threat actors or groups and will not host infringing content. The information on this page is fully automated and redacted whilst being scraped directly from the LockBit 2.0 Onion Dark Web Tor Blog page.

Victim Namewww[.]optoma[.]com
Victim Logo
(if available)
www optoma com victim
DescriptionHello! optoma company (LINK REDACTED BY REDPACKET SECURITY and coretronic corporation (LINK REDACTED BY REDPACKET SECURITY become a victim of ransomware. We steal a lot of data of these two companies such as confidential information about their employees, source code of their apps and financial reports. We going to update this blog every week until we do not come to agreement or public of data. Here we public small part of confidential data we have about optoma’s company employees. LINK REDACTED BY REDPACKET SECURITY LINK REDACTED BY REDPACKET SECURITY
Number of Leaked Files
(at time of posting)
Publish Date of Files if Ransom is not Paid18 May, 2022 19:50:00
WarningAll available data will be published !

Countdown Timer as shown on the LockBit Blog

Until files

To get additional information, please download the Tor Browser and then visit the onion site located here:
(to defang, remove the [.] and replace with . Also change hXXp to http)

You can then copy and paste it into the Tor browser to get updates regarding this victim of Lockbit Ransomware

Onion Site URL: