LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Victim: jaureguy[.]com[.]ar

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LockBit 3.0 Ransomware

NOTE: No files or stolen information are [exfiltrated/downloaded/taken/hosted/seen/reposted/disclosed] by RedPacket Security. Any legal issues relating to the content of the files should be directed at the attackers directly, not RedPacket Security. This blog is simply posting an editorial news post informing that a company has fallen victim to a ransomware attack. RedPacket Security is in no way affiliated or aligned with any ransomware threat actors or groups and will not host infringing content. The information on this page is fully automated and redacted whilst being scraped directly from the LockBit 3.0 Onion Dark Web Tor Blog page.

Victim Namejaureguy[.]com[.]ar
Victim Logo
(if available)
DescriptionJaureguy S.A.C. I. y A. is a company with more than 20 years of experience making and selling soda in disposable siphons. Jaureguy has their own fleet for the logistics of their products and a Distribution Center located in San Justo, La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Uploaded Date12 MAR, 2023 17:00 UTC
Dark Web Post UpdatedUPDATED: 11 SEP, 2023 07:27 UTC
Publish Date of Files if Ransom is not Paid19 Mar, 2023 18:00:24 UTC
Cost to Extend Deadline by 24 holurs ($10000 USD)
Cost to Destroy All Information ($100000 USD)
Cost to Download the Data at Any moment ($100000 USD)

Countdown Timer as shown on the LockBit Blog

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