Malicious-Pdf – Generate A Bunch Of Malicious Pdf Files With Phone-Home Functionality

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Generate ten different malicious pdf files with phone-home functionality. Can be used with Burp Collaborator or

Used for penetration testing and/or red-teaming etc. I created this tool because i needed a third party tool to generate a bunch of PDF files with various links.


python3 burp-collaborator-url

Output will be written as: test1.pdf, test2.pdf, test3.pdf etc in the current directory.

Do not use the https:// etc prefix on the url argument.


  • Test web pages/services accepting PDF-files
  • Test security products
  • Test PDF readers
  • Test PDF converters


  • Insecure features in PDFs
  • Burp Suite UploadScanner
  • Bad-Pdf
  • A Curious Exploration of Malicious PDF Documents
  • “Portable Document Flaws 101” talk at Black Hat USA 2020
  • Adobe Reader – PDF callback via XSLT stylesheet in XFA
  • Foxit PDF Reader PoC, DoHyun Lee
  • Eicar test file by Stas Yakobov
Download Malicious-Pdf

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