Marketo Auction Site Victim: Align Technology, Inc

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Victim NameAlign Technology, Inc
Victim Websitealigntech[.]com
Victim Logoalign
DescriptionAlign Technology is a global medical device company. They provide orthodontic and restorative treatment. The company focuses on educational programmes and on developing and gaining a wealth of experience for its employees. The company wants to change the world through smiles by helping people smile without limitations and insecurities. But will it make customers smile if you can’t ensure the information security of the company and its data? “We believe a better smile has the power to create a better future, so we create digital technology and experiences to help people move forward in life”. Try explaining to customers now that you are creating a better future by allowing strangers to steal your data. After the information leakage the information on finances, agreements, personal and commercial correspondence, projects, databases can be published. Definitely something to smile about.
File Download Information145 GB – Download evidence pack
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TagsAlignTechnology , Orthodontics , Restoration , Medicine
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