Marketo Auction Site Victim: One Source

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Victim NameOne Source
Victim Websiteonesourceinc[.]net
Victim Logoone source
DescriptionFrom idea to execution to delivery, One Source will help your brand get to the next level. Minimize your stress, maximize your ROI by letting us handle the above. One Source began its life in print production, but they quickly identified the need in the marketplace for a supplier who not only could handle print production, but could also warehouse, kit, and ship product all over the world. One Source provides industry leading pricing and lead times, nevertheless our ability to perfectly execute an all-encompassing print management program to minimize your stress and maximize your return on investment is where we shine. This company has been on market for a very long time. One might say with complete confidence that this company is not competent in its field of activity because after the hacker attack company’s emails and confidential correspondence leaked online. This work require careful protection of information and data, as your reputation depend on it. It is very unfortunate that you have failed in your task.
File Download Information3 GB – Download evidence pack
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