Marketo Auction Site Victim: The Brokerage Land Co

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Victim NameThe Brokerage Land Co
Victim Websitebrokeragelandco[.]com
Victim Logobrokerage land company
DescriptionThis company has been on market for a very long time and it sells property in a major US state. Specializing in the real estate market, the company has built itself from the ground up proving to be one of largest Land Brokerage teams and the numbers show that the company has a lot of trusting customers. In this state there is a lot of real estate changing hands everyday and the clients need a brokerage team with the experience, reputation and know how to accommodate the most challenging transactions. One might say with complete confidence that this company is not competent in its field of activity because after the hacker attack company’s emails and confidential correspondence leaked online. Property, sales and documentation work require careful protection of information and data, as your reputation and clients’ fortunes depend on it. It is very unfortunate that you have failed in your task.
File Download Information1 GB – Download evidence pack
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TagsBrokerage , RealEstate , Colorado , Rancho
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