New ‘Connected Places’ infographic published

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New ‘Connected Places’ infographic published

It’s been almost 3 years since we released our ‘Connected Places Cyber Security Principles’. Today we are pleased to announce that we are publishing a new ‘Connected Places Infographic’ which has been designed to provide a high-level, visual overview of each of the” target=”_self”>Connected Places Principles.

Connected Places Cyber Security Principles infographic Page 1

Example of Connected Places infographic

To recap, the principles will help ensure the security of a connected place (often referred to as a ‘smart city’) and its underlying infrastructure, so that it is both more resilient to cyber attack and easier to manage.

The principles are particularly relevant for risk owners, CISOs, cyber security architects and engineers, and other personnel who will be running the day-to-day operations of the connected places infrastructure.

Even if you are familiar with the principles, the infographic can support your understanding. But if you have little or no visibility of the principles, then the infographic aims to provide you with a more simplified summary of what each principle covers, and is ideal for leaders looking to promote good cyber security practises across their workforce and local community.

The NCSC Connected Places team are here to help, so if you are deploying a connected place in the UK and require cyber security assistance, please do reach out and get in touch via [email protected].

David G

NCSC Connected Places Cyber Security Consultant

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