Obfuscator – The Program Is Designed To Obfuscate The Shellcode

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The program is designed to obfuscate the shellcode. Currently the tool supports 2 encryption.

1) XOR
2) AES

The tool accepts shellcode in 4 formats.

1) base64
2) hex
3) c
4) raw

Command Line Usage

Usage           Description
----- -----------
/f Specify the format of the shellcode
/enc Specify the encryption type (aes or xor) in which the shellcode will be encrypted
/key Specify the key that will be used to encrypt the shellcode (default = SuperStrongKey)
/path Specify the path of the file that contains the shellcode
/url Specify the url where the shellcode is hosted
/o Specify the file path to save the encrypted shellcode (default = output.bin)
/help Show help

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