Our new principles to help make cloud backups more resilient

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Our new principles to help make cloud backups more resilient

Every month there are press reports of a global organisation experiencing a ransomware attack. In the NCSC we see the real-world effects of ransomware when we support UK organisations going through an incident. While there is a lot that organisations can do to minimise the chance of becoming a victim in the first place, everyone agrees that a backup capability is absolutely key to resilience. Not having this in place hampers your ability to get back on your feet and worsens the consequences to you, your business and in many cases, your customers or service users.

Every organisation should have a solid response plan in place which should include making regular backups. And testing your backup regime is equally important to make sure you can restore your data as planned. We’re aware of cases where organisations believe they have a backup regime in place but aren’t sure what it looks like in practice.

Original Source: ncsc[.]gov[.]uk

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