Portable Power Banks are a great way to stay connected when travelling, out and about or even just to give a little top up during the day. Plenty Of Room Here Your Nuvio Power Bank comes with a 5000mAh capacity Lithium Polymer battery, ready when you are Whatever Your Need, […]

Nuvio Power Bank Review

Customer information from more than 130,000 users of the Three mobile network has been compromised in a cyber security breach, the mobile operator has said. Three boss, Dave Dyson, said in a statement that all affected customers were being contacted individually and that while personal information had been accessed, no […]

Three Mobile Data Breach

Well that’s not good, not good at all. The new bill will force internet companies to store their users’ browsing data for a year, and will allow the government to force phone makers to hack into people’s handsets. The House of Lords has passed the Investigatory Powers Bill, putting the huge […]

UK Snoopers Charter 2 passed

IF like me you have moved from one service to another over the years, you have probably exported a calendar or two and imported it, right? We’ll I did just that, but one of my events was a reoccurring event, so when it was imported it was added as 10,000 […]

How to delete multiple Google Calendar events

Day 2 at Blackhat EU 2016 and had a great day. This talk Breaking Big Data: Evading Analysis of the Metadata of Your Life was very interesting by a former NSA professional talking about a variety of the techniques used by the mass surveillance industry to analyse an individual’s metadata […]

BlackHat Europe 2016: Day 2 of 2

Today was day 1 of 2 for me at BlackHat Europe 2016, one of my highlights was the tool Bloodhound  located in the Arsenal section. BloodHound uses graph theory to reveal hidden relationships and attack paths in an Active Directory environment. Basically it shows the quickest way to get domain […]

BlackHat Europe 2016: Day 1 of 2

The hacker group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, who previously claimed to have leaked a portion of the NSA’s hacking tools and exploits, is back with a Bang! The Shadow Brokers published more files today, and this time the group dumped a list of foreign servers allegedly compromised by the […]

Shadow Brokers leak list of hacked NSA Servers

So today i go home and fired up the Windows 10 PC with all of my drives Bitlockered. Long story short, one of my drives was throwing up some I/O error and i was unable to open the drive. At this point, I was thinking, hmm ok , let’s just […]

Recovering Data from a bit-lockered drive that is dying

Yeah, thanks a lot…. in-case you can’t tell its my sarcasm kicking in. After doing heavy damage to KrebsOnSecurity and other web servers the creator of the Mirai DDoS botnet, a program designed to harness insecure IoT devices to run massive Distributed denial of service attacks, has apparently released the […]

Well thanks anna-senpai for the Mirai source code release

On october 19 2016, the Dirty Cow vulnerability went public (which is kernel privilege escalation vulnerability) . From what I have read and test, the exploit is working only on Centos 7/ RHEL7 / Cloudlinux 7 distros . CVE-2016-5195 Why is it called the Dirty COW bug? “A race condition […]

Testing for the dirty cow CVE-2016-5195?

Linux running web servers appear to be at risk of a new strain of ransomware called FairWare. Three Linux administrators, at least for now, have already complained about being targeted by the malicious newcomer.   People, who were having trouble with ransomware support thread and posted their quandary on the […]

Potential Ransomware Hits Linux Servers

Kelihos is one of the oldest botnets, first spotted way back in 2008, but it has managed to survive a couple of sinkhole attempts and it is still active. MalwareTech, both owner and operator of the Botnet Tracker project, says that Kelihos devs saw this change as an opportunity and […]

Kelihos Botnet now dishing out Ransomware

It seems that the NSA has been hacked. This is being speculated after a group of hackers going by the name “The Shadow Brokers” has claimed to breach an NSA-controlled hacking organization. The hacking group has  leaked some private hacking tools and exploits. The hackers are also asking for 1 […]

NSA potentially hacked by The Shadow Brokers

From September 1, you’ll need a TV licence if you stream catch-up or on-demand TV from the BBC’s iPlayer service, regardless if you’ve got a television set or not – phone, computer, potato, whatever, you’ll have to cough up the reddies. See this Freedom Of Information Request for further information . […]

BBC sniffing Wi-Fi packets to detect BBC iPlayer users without ...

Everyone knows about the joint USA and Israeli malware called Stuxnet that was designed to put a halt to the Iranian nuclear program. According to the new Documentary film Zero Days http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5446858/ Stuxnet was really called Operation Olympic Games. This was from an Anonymous NSA employee that work in TAO, which […]

Stuxnet : Operation Olympic Games NSA Codename