On october 19 2016, the Dirty Cow vulnerability went public (which is kernel privilege escalation vulnerability) . From what I have read and test, the exploit is working only on Centos 7/ RHEL7 / Cloudlinux 7 distros . CVE-2016-5195 Why is it called the Dirty COW bug? “A race condition […]

Testing for the dirty cow CVE-2016-5195?

Linux running web servers appear to be at risk of a new strain of ransomware called FairWare. Three Linux administrators, at least for now, have already complained about being targeted by the malicious newcomer.   People, who were having trouble with ransomware support thread and posted their quandary on the […]

Potential Ransomware Hits Linux Servers

Kelihos is one of the oldest botnets, first spotted way back in 2008, but it has managed to survive a couple of sinkhole attempts and it is still active. MalwareTech, both owner and operator of the Botnet Tracker project, says that Kelihos devs saw this change as an opportunity and […]

Kelihos Botnet now dishing out Ransomware

It seems that the NSA has been hacked. This is being speculated after a group of hackers going by the name “The Shadow Brokers” has claimed to breach an NSA-controlled hacking organization. The hacking group has  leaked some private hacking tools and exploits. The hackers are also asking for 1 […]

NSA potentially hacked by The Shadow Brokers

From September 1, you’ll need a TV licence if you stream catch-up or on-demand TV from the BBC’s iPlayer service, regardless if you’ve got a television set or not – phone, computer, potato, whatever, you’ll have to cough up the reddies. See this Freedom Of Information Request for further information . […]

BBC sniffing Wi-Fi packets to detect BBC iPlayer users without ...

Everyone knows about the joint USA and Israeli malware called Stuxnet that was designed to put a halt to the Iranian nuclear program. According to the new Documentary film Zero Days http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5446858/ Stuxnet was really called Operation Olympic Games. This was from an Anonymous NSA employee that work in TAO, which […]

Stuxnet : Operation Olympic Games NSA Codename

A zero-day vulnerability affecting the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and all previous ones is being actively exploited in limited, targeted attacks, the company has announced on Tuesday. The flaw (CVE-2016-4171) exists in Adobe Flash Player and and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Chrome OS, and […]

Adobe Flash zero-day actively exploited in targeted attacks

The Romanian hacker who first exposed Hillary Clinton’s private email address is making a bombshell new claim — that he also gained access to the former Secretary of State’s “completely unsecured” server. “It was like an open orchid on the Internet,” Marcel Lehel Lazar, who uses the devilish handle Guccifer, […]

Hacker ‘Guccifer’: I Got Inside Hillary Clinton’s Server

Well, not really a security related post but just found out that you can play chess in Facebook Messenger.. Like this   You just need to load Messenger and click on a person and type @fbchess. You will get a chess board come up and to make a move you […]

Facebook Chess

Millions of services that ought to be restricted are exposed on the open internet, creating a huge risk of hacker attack against databases and more. Infosec firm Rapid7’s researchers took a close look at the millions and millions of individual services that live on the public IP network, one of […]

Are we surpirsed that Millions of ‘must be firewalled’ services ...

TeamViewer has announced two new features today aimed at boosting the app’s security after the company’s reputation was smirched this week. It all happened following a DDoS attack that downed its servers, during which many users flocked online to complain about getting hacked. The two new features are called Trusted […]

Team viewer to beef up security after “hacks” and DDoS

So your looking for a way to use a free lets encrypt cert on your shared godaddy host? Well this is the place to come. This only works with GoDaddy cPanel hosting, not their classic web hosting. These steps show you how to also add the SSL certificate on multiple […]

How to use Lets Encrypt on Go Daddy’s Shared Hosting ...

Laptops from Dell, HP, Asus, Acer and Lenovo all had at least one vulnerability that could result in complete compromise of system, Duo Security report says. Pre-loaded software update tools installed on laptops from five major OEM PC vendors can lead to a full system compromise in less than 10 […]

OEM Laptops Bloatware allows Remote Code Execution

As you all know, there have been many many many data breach’s lately, you know LinkedIn again recently admitted to having a bigger leak than previously thought in 2012. Well , Troy Hunts service HaveIBeenPwned.com has released an update , to include Fling.com ( NSFW ) MySpace, Tumblr and the […]

Have I been Pwned release more updates

Now many of you that are reading this are fully aware of the wireless hacking arena. So i’m not going to teach you about that, man many decent guides on it out the in the ether. What I did want to point out was a little trick using airodump-ng for […]

Using airodump-ng WiFi