Phineas Fisher records and publishes latest attack

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Phineas Fisher, the hacker that was behind the Hacking Team and the Gamma International breaches and data leaks, is at it again.

His target was (the Catalan police union). He/She totally pwned the server, while he/she was there he/she defaced the union’s website, plundered their web server, published personal information about police officers (including their badge numbers), and hijacked their Twitter account.

Here is a copy of that video

What’s more, he/she recorded his attack against the website and server and made the recording public, as a tutorial video aimed at inspiring other would-be hacktivists.

and here is a copy of the pastebin that went along with it.

Their (defaced) twitter:

Their (defaced) website:

The complete contents of their web server:!4Ag1SKBQ!NR8v-IDXVpkuxDCrH93moathA60cWLb_rdBYmHPiC3M

List of police:
It does have personal information of police officers. Most of which is essentially public (you could find in a phone book), or useless (bank account numbers only helps you send money *to* them). What it does have though which makes them call the leak “molt greu” (very serious) is it connects police’s name to their badge number.
To quote
El cap de l’assessoria jurídica de l’ACPD destaca que els Mossos mai s’identifiquen amb el seu nom i cognoms reals, sinó amb la targeta d’identificació professional (TIP), que és un número que protegeix la seva identitat. “La revelació d’aquestes dades els exposa a una situació d’alt risc personal”.
It’s saying the leak of agents names and TIP exposes them to “high personal risk”. What it leaves out is that “risk” is just that people will be able to identify and hold accountable police who’ve committed abuses…

More about the Mossos:

A brief description in english of the events of 4F, when mossos badly beat and tortured several people and sent a couple people to prison for years on false charges:

A documentary on 4F (catalan and spanish with english subtitles), and Patricia Heras, who spent years in prison on false charges and committed suicide. She was on the other side of the city at the time of the events of 4F, but got in a bike accident and went to the hospital. The mossos took the people they tortured on 4F to the same hospital, saw her there, decided she also looked like a squatter, and made up some stuff to charge her with.

An interview (in english, with spanish and catalan subtitles) with a guy who was badly tortured and jailed on false charges after defending a friend from mossos (who weren’t in uniform and didn’t identify themselves as police) who were harassing her at a nightclub. In a rare victory (he was the son of a diplomat, so had the resources to fight back) the false charges against him were overturned and the police who lied and tortured him were sentenced (well, the 2 of them he was able to identify. The rest got away with it because police don’t snitch on each other).

A documentary (catalan with spanish and english subtitles) on a woman who had her eye shot out by mossos attacking a peaceful demonstration.

A long analysis of the political situation in Barcelona and the direction the elites are trying to develop the city. The mossos do the dirty work, harassing and driving out “undesirables” to reshape the city.

Precarity in Paradise: the Barcelona model

Mossos beating Juan Andrés Benítez to death.

In Spain, freedom of speech doesn’t exist, at least when it comes to criticizing the police.

The rappers at 9:50 are facing fines and jailtime over their anti-police lyrics:

(you can’t make this shit up) Puppeteers are facing terrorism charges over a play depicting police planting fake evidence to set someone up on terrorism charges:

The ‘terrorism’ of puppets: Spain’s crackdown on dissent

You get arrested and fined 400€ for saying “I’d be ashamed to be a police officer”:

800 euros de multa a dos niñas de 15 y 17 años por decir: “vergüenza me daría ser policía”

Incidentally, the author of the roarmag essays also spent time in prison in Barcelona on false charges:

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