PikaBot C2 Detected – 154[.]12[.]252[.]84:23399

PikaBot Detection Alerts

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PikaBot C2

The Information provided at the time of posting was detected as “PikaBot C2”. Depending on when you are viewing this article, it may no longer be the case and could be determined as being a false positive. Please do your own additional validation. – RedPacket Security

General Information

IP Address154[.]12[.]252[.]84
Hostname (if available)vmi1475559[.]contaboserver[.]net
DescriptionANIA Collector – Advanced Network Interactive Analysis Collector – Collected from Internet Storm Center IOCs List
Date Detected2023-11-07T21:43:08.601000
Malware Families (linked to)

Mitre Att&ck Linked TTPS

Mitre Attack ID Mitre Attack Name


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