PrivKit – Simple Beacon Object File That Detects Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities Caused By Misconfigurations On Windows OS


PrivKit is a simple beacon object file that detects privilege escalation vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations on Windows OS.

PrivKit detects following misconfigurations

 Checks for Unquoted Service Paths
Checks for Autologon Registry Keys
Checks for Always Install Elevated Registry Keys
Checks for Modifiable Autoruns
Checks for Hijackable Paths
Enumerates Credentials From Credential Manager
Looks for current Token Privileges


[03/20 00:51:06] beacon> privcheck
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Priv Esc Check Bof by @merterpreter
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Checking For Unquoted Service Paths..
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Checking For Autologon Registry Keys..
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Checking For Always Install Elevated Registry Keys..
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Checking For Modifiable Autoruns..
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Checking For Hijackable Paths..
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Enumerating Credentials From Credential Manager..
[03/20 00:51:06] [*] Checking For Token Privileges..
[03/20 00:51:06] [+] host called home, sent: 10485 bytes
[03/20 00:51:06] [+] received output:
Unquoted Service Path Check Result: Vulnerable service path found: c:\program files (x86)\grasssoft\macro expert\MacroService.exe

Simply load the cna file and type “privcheck”
If you want to compile by yourself you can use:
make all
x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc -c cfile.c -o ofile.o

If you want to look for just one misconf you can use object file with “inline-execute” for example
inline-execute /path/tokenprivileges.o




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