Registry-Recon – Cobalt Strike Aggressor Script That Performs System/AV/EDR Recon

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Cobalt Strike

How does this work?

Primarily, using Cobalt Strike’s breg_query and breg_queryv functions. Then, all beacon output is hijacked with beacon_output, looking for specific values. When a positive match is made, the output will be highlighted in the beacon output. Since there is no beacon_output_reg or something similar, like beacon_output_ls and beacon_output_ps, all output must be captured for parsing.

What if my AV/EDR product isn’t detected? / How can I help?

This is expected. We couldn’t test for every AV/EDR solution, and we knew that many would be missing. You can help us out by submitting a GitHub issue including the following info:

  • If this is a System/AV/EDR entry
  • The name of the product
  • Relevant registry entries that can be used to positively ID the product
Download Registry-Recon

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