Security Affairs newsletter Round 281

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Visa warns of new sophisticated credit card skimmer dubbed Baka
WhatsApp discloses six previously undisclosed flaws
Chilean bank BancoEstado hit by REVil ransomware
Epic Manchego gang uses Excel docs that avoid detection
Russian national indicted for attempting to recruit Tesla employee to install malware
Expert found multiple critical issues in MoFi routers
France national cyber-security agency warns of a surge in Emotet attacks
Newcastle University infected with DoppelPaymer Ransomware
France, Japan, and New Zealand warn of a surgein Emotet attacks
Microsoft September 2020 Patch Tuesday addresses 129 flaws
Netwalker ransomware hit K-Electric, the major Pakistani electricity provider
BLURtooth flaw allows attacking Bluetooth encryption process
CDRThief Linux malware steals VoIP metadata from Linux softswitches
Colocation data centers giant Equinix data hit by Netwalker Ransomware
Hackers stole $5.4 million from cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE
Palo Alto Networks fixes severe Code Execution and DoS flaws in PAN-OS
SeaChange video delivery provider discloses REVIL ransomware attack
Chinese, Iranian, and Russian APT groups target 2020 US election
Decrypting TLS connections with new Raccoon Attack
Great news, now you can protect your Zoom account with 2FA
Iran denies any involvement in the attack against 2020 US election
Threat actors target WordPress sites using vulnerable File Manager install
Bank of Seychelles hit by a ransomware attack
INVDoS, a severe DoS issue in Bitcoin core remained undisclosed for two years
Malàsmoke gang could infect your PC while you watch porn sites

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