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COMB breach: 3.2B email and password pairs leaked online
Hacking Nespresso machines to have unlimited funds to purchase coffee
The number of ICS flaws in 2020 was 24,72% higher compared to 2019
Web developers SitePoint discloses a data breach
Domestic Kitten has been conducting surveillance targeting over 1,000 individuals
Google launches Open Source Vulnerabilities (OSV) database
Hackers attempted to poison the water supply of a US city
Novel phishing technique uses Morse code to compose malicious URLs
Victims of Ziggy ransomware can recover their files for free
Critical flaws in NextGen Gallery WordPress plugin still impact over 500K installs
Microsoft February 2021 Patch Tuesday fixes 56 bugs, including an actively exploited Windows zero-day
Microsoft to notify Office 365 users of nation-state attacks
Ukraines police arrested the author of the U-Admin phishing kit
Adobe fixes a buffer overflow issue in Reader which is exploited in the wild
Anti-malware firm Emsisoft accidentally exposes internal DB
CD Projekt Red game maker discloses ransomware attack
SAP addresses a critical flaw in SAP Commerce Product
Avaddon ransomware decryptor released, but operators quickly reacted
Experts spotted two Android spyware used by Indian APT Confucius
Law enforcement arrested 8 people that targeted celebrities with SIM swapping attacks
Lampion trojan disseminated in Portugal using COVID-19 template
Microsoft warns of the rise of web shell attacks
The P in Telegram stands for Privacy
TIMs Red Team Research (RTR) discovered a critical zero-day vulnerability in IBM InfoSphere Information Server
Yandex security team caught admin selling access to users inboxes
Court documents show FBI could use a tool to access private Signal messages on iPhones
Gmail users from US most targeted by email-based phishing and malware
The Importance of a Proactive Cyber Defense Solution To Protect Your Critical Data

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