Security Affairs newsletter Round 304

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EU leaders aim at boosting defense and security, including cybersecurity
New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia hacked again
ByteDance agreed to pay $92M in US privacy Settlement for TikTok data collection
Gootkit delivery platform Gootloader used to deliver additional payloads
Intern caused ‘solarwinds123 password leak, former SolarWinds CEO says
NSA embraces the Zero Trust Security Model
Alleged China-linked APT41 group targets Indian critical infrastructures
Distributor of Asian food JFC International hit by Ransomware
French multinational dairy Lactalis hit by a cyber attack
Pwn20wnd released the unc0ver v 6.0 jailbreaking tool
Attackers took over the domain in September 2020
Bug bounty hunter awarded $50,000 for a Microsoft account hijack flaw
Clop ransomware gang leaks data allegedly stolen from cybersecurity firm Qualys
Cyber Defense Magazine – March 2021 has arrived. Enjoy it!
Data Breach: Millions of Phone Numbers, Recordings, and Call Logs Compromised in Ringostat Data Leak
Four zero-days in Microsoft Exchange actively exploited in the wild
Google fixes Critical Remote Code Execution issue in Android System component
The Ursnif Trojan has hit over 100 Italian banks
CISA emergency directive urges to fix Microsoft Exchange zero-days
Group-IB: ransomware empire prospers in pandemic-hit world. Attacks grow by 150%
GRUB2 boot loader maintainers fixed hundreds of flaws
Sunshuttle, the fourth malware allegedly linked to SolarWinds hack
VMware addresses Remote Code Execution issue in View Planner
Five privilege escalation flaws fixed in Linux Kernel
GoldMax, GoldFinder, and Sibot, 3 new malware used by SolarWinds attackers
Managed Services provider CompuCom by Darkside ransomware
Millions of travelers of several airlines impacted by SITA data breach
Microsoft releases IOC Detection Tool for Microsoft Exchange Server flaws

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