Security Affairs newsletter Round 310

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Is the recent accident at Iran Natanz nuclear plant a cyber attack?
Joker malware infected 538,000 Huawei Android devices
Personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users leaked online
Fitch Ratings: Cyberattacks could pose a material risk to water and sewer utilities
LinkedIn confirmed that it was not a victim of a data breach
Two former NSA Officials appointed by Joe Biden for prominent cyber roles
Adobe addresses two critical vulnerabilities in Photoshop
Expert publicly released Chromium-based browsers exploit demonstrated at Pwn2Own 2021
Experts released PoC exploit code for a critical RCE in QNAP NAS devices
Expired certificate caused a Pulse Secure VPN global scale outage
Microsoft fixes 2 critical Exchange Server flaws reported by the NSA
Millions of devices impacted by NAME:WRECK flaws
FBI silently removed web shells planted on Microsoft Exchange servers in the US
FireEye: 650 new threat groups were tracked in 2020
Sweden blames Russia for Swedish Sports Confederation hack
WhatsApp flaws could have allowed hackers to remotely hack mobile devices
April 2021 Security Patch Day fixes a critical flaw in SAP Commerce
Cyber thieves move $760 million stolen in the 2016 Bitfinex heist
For the second time in a week, a Google Chromium zero-day released online
US Gov sanctions Russia and expels 10 diplomats over SolarWinds hack
Critical RCE can allow attackers to compromise Juniper Networks devices
Lazarus BTC Changer. Back in action with JS sniffers redesigned to steal crypto
Mirai code re-use in Gafgyt
Russia-linked APT SVR actively targets these 5 flaws
6 out of 11 EU agencies running Solarwinds Orion software were hacked

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