Security Affairs newsletter Round 311

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A member of the FIN7 group was sentenced to 10 years in prison
Is BazarLoader malware linked to Trickbot operators?
Monero Cryptocurrency campaign exploits ProxyLogon flaws
Codecov was a victim of a supply chain attack
Crooks made more than $560K with a simple clipboard hijacker
Experts demonstrated how to hack a utility and take over a smart meter
Nitroransomware demands gift codes as ransom payments
XCSSET malware now targets macOS 11 and M1-based Macs
Critical update: Facebook Messenger users hit by scammers in over 80 states
Crooks stole drivers license numbers from Geico auto insurer
Hacking a X-RAY Machine with WHIDelite & EvilCrowRF
North Korea-linked Lazarus APT hides malicious code within BMP image to avoid detection
Watch out, hackers can take over your Cosori Smart Air Fryer
WeChat users targeted by hackers using recently disclosed Chromium exploit
3 Zero-Day in SonicWall Enterprise Email Security Appliances actively exploited
China-linked APT used Pulse Secure VPN zero-day to hack US defense contractors
REvil ransomware gang recommends that Apple buy back its data stolen in Quanta hack
WhatsApp Pink malware spreads via group chat messages
Million-dollar deposits and friends in high places: how we applied for a job with a ransomware gang
Privacy and security in the software designing
Trend Micro flaw actively exploited in the wild
New Qlocker ransomware infected hundreds of QNAP NAS devices in a few days
A new Linux Botnet abuses IaC Tools to spread and other emerging techniques

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