Security Affairs newsletter Round 312

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10,000+ unpatched ABUS Secvest home alarms can be deactivated remotely
Hackers are targeting Soliton FileZen file-sharing servers
A supply chain attack compromised the update mechanism of Passwordstate Password Manager
Boffins found a bug in Apple AirDrop that could leak users personal info
Bye Bye Emotet, law enforcement pushed the uninstall code via the botnet
CISA, NIST published an advisory on supply chain attacks
FBI shares with HIBP 4 million email addresses involved in Emotet attacks
Microsoft Defender uses Intel TDT technology against crypto-mining malware
Ransomware hit Guilderland Central School District near Albany
Shlayer macOS malware abuses zero-day to bypass Gatekeeper feature
Cloud misconfiguration, a major risk for cloud security
Google addresses a high severity flaw in V8 engine in Chrome
Naikon APT group uses new Nebulae backdoor in attacks aimed at military orgs
UK rail network Merseyrail hit by ransomware gang
An issue in the Linux Kernel could allow the hack of your system
Purple Lambert, a new malware of CIA-linked Lambert APT group
RotaJakiro Linux backdoor has flown under the radar since 2018
China-linked APT uses a new backdoor in attacks at Russian defense contractor
AgeLocker ransomware operation targets QNAP NAS devices
Babuk crew announced it will stop ransomware attacks
Flaws in the BIND software expose DNS servers to attacks

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