Security Affairs newsletter Round 315

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Avaddon Ransomware gang hacked France-based Acer Finance and AXA Asia
MSBuild tool used to deliver RATs filelessly
Pakistan-linked Transparent Tribe APT expands its arsenal
Two flaws could allow bypassing AMD SEV protection system
Bitcoin down: 51% attack? No, put the blame on Elon Musk
Expert released PoC exploit code for Windows CVE-2021-31166 bug
Discovery of Simps Botnet Leads To Ties to Keksec Group
European Council extends sanctions against foreign threat actors
DarkSide ransomware made $90 million since October 2020
Blind SQL Injection flaw in WP Statistics impacted 600K+ sites
Russian citizen Anton Bogdanov sentenced to 5 years for cyber tax fraud scheme
STRRAT RAT spreads masquerading as ransomware
Indonesia ‘s government confirms social security data breach for some citizens
Microsoft SimuLand, an open-source lab environment to simulate attack scenarios
Report: how cybercriminals abuse API keys to steal millions
Air India suffered a data breach, 4.5 million customers impacted
Conti Ransomware hit 16 US health and emergency Services, said FBI
Foreign hackers breached Russian federal agencies, said FSB
Qlocker ransomware leverages HBS flaw to infect QNAP NAS devices

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