Security Affairs newsletter Round 317

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Facefish Backdoor delivers rootkits to Linux x64 systems
Interpol has intercepted $83 million from financial cyber crimes
These 2 attacks allow to alter certified PDF Documents
COVID-19 – Phishing attacks target employees that come back to the office
Denmark intel helped US NSA to spy on European politicians
Experts devised a new attack to bypass Microsoft PatchGuard
Swedish Health Agency discloses hacking attempts
American food processing giant JBS Foods halts production after cyberattack
JBS attack has likely a Russian origin
New Epsilon Red Ransomware appears in the threat landscape
Prometheus and Grief – two new emerging ransomware gangs targeting enterprises. Mexican Government data is published for sale.
Russian hacker Pavel Sitnikov arrested for distributing malware via Telegram
Critical 0day in the Fancy Product Designer WordPress plugin actively exploited
Database, source code allegedly related to bulletproof hosting, once Parlers service provider, up for sale on hacker forum
US seizes 2 domains used by APT29 in a recent phishing campaign
Cisco fixes High-severity issues in Webex, SD-WAN, ASR 5000 software
China-linked attackers breached Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) using Pulse Secure zero-day
Hackers scan for VMware vCenter servers vulnerable to CVE-2021-21985 RCE
Necro Python bot now enhanced with new VMWare, server exploits
BlackCocaine Ransomware, a new malware in the threat landscape
DoJ: Investigations into ransomware attacks must have similar priority as terrorism
US arrested Latvian woman who developed part of Trickbot malware
US CISA published a guide to better use the MITRE ATT&CK framework

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