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GSS, one of the major European call center providers, suffered a ransomware attack
Threat actors are attempting to exploit VMware vCenter CVE-2021-22005 flaw
Google addressed the eleventh Chrome zero-day flaw this year
European Union formally blames Russia for the GhostWriter operation
CVE-2021-20034 flaw can allow SMA 100 device takeover, patch it now!
Researcher released PoC exploit code for 3 iOS zero-day issues
Cisco addresses 3 critical vulnerabilities in IOS XE Software
3.8 billion Clubhouse and Facebook user records allegedly scraped and merged, put for sale online
New FamousSparrow APT group used ProxyLogon exploits in its attacks
Apple addresses a new zero-day exploited to deploy the NSO Pegasus
A bug in Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover feature leaks +372K of domain credentials
BulletProofLink, a large-scale phishing-as-a-service active since 2018
Crystal Valley hit by ransomware attack, it is the second farming cooperative shut down in a week
CVE-2021-40847 flaw in Netgear SOHO routers could allow remote code execution
US CISA, FBI, and NSA warn an escalation of Conti ransomware attacks
Hikvision cameras could be remotely hacked due to critical flaw
Flaws in Nagios Network Management systems pose risk to companies
VMware addressed a critical flaw in vCenter Server. Patch it now!
A zero-day flaw allows to run arbitrary commands on macOS systems
Turla APT group used a new backdoor in attacks against Afghanistan, Germany and the US
Apache OpenOffice is currently impacted by a remote code execution flaw
Black Matter gang demanded a $5.9M ransom to NEW Cooperative
Data of 106 million visitors to Thailand leaked online
Large phishing campaign targets EMEA and APAC governments
Europol arrested 106 fraudsters, members of a major crime ring
Pakistani man sentenced to 12 years of prison for his role in AT&T hacking scheme
Numando, a new banking Trojan that abuses YouTube for remote configuration
Why Edward Snowden is urging users to stop using ExpressVPN?

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