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LockBit ransomware group claims to have hacked Bridgestone Americas
Attackers use website contact forms to spread BazarLoader malware
Russian Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor is going to ban Instagram
Ubisoft suffered a cyber security incident that caused a temporary disruption
Anonymous hacked Roskomnadzor agency revealing Russian disinformation
Open database leaves major Chinese ports exposed to shipping chaos
Lapsus$ Ransomware Group is hiring, it announced recruitment of insiders
Vodafone investigates claims of a data breach made by Lapsus$ gang
Crooks target Ukraine’s IT Army with a tainted DDoS tool
CISA added 98 domains to the joint alert related to Conti ransomware gang
New Emotet botnet is rapidly growing, with +130K unique bots spread across 179 countries
TLStorm flaws allow to remotely manipulate the power of millions of enterprise UPS devices
Google blocked China-linked APT31’s attacks targeting U.S. Government
Multiple Russian government websites hacked in a supply chain attack
Anonymous hacked Russian cams, websites, announced a clamorous leak
HP addressed 16 UEFI firmware flaws impacting laptops, desktops, PoS systems
Samsung data breach: Lapsus$ gang stole Galaxy devices’ source code
Microsoft March 2022 Patch Tuesday updates fix 89 vulnerabilities
Google TAG: Russia, Belarus-linked APTs targeted Ukraine
Access:7 flaws impact +150 device models from over 100 manufacturers
CISA urges to fix actively exploited Firefox zero-days by March 21
Ragnar Locker ransomware group breached at least 52 organizations across 10 critical infrastructure sectors
Ukraine’s CERT-UA warns of phishing attacks against Ukrainian citizens
Dirty Pipe Linux flaw allows gaining root privileges on major distros
Coinbase blocked 25,000 crypto addresses linked to Russian individuals and entities
SharkBot, the new generation banking Trojan distributed via Play Store
Anonymous hacked Russian streaming services to broadcast war footage
Mozilla addresses two actively exploited zero-day flaws in Firefox
Anonymous offers $52,000 worth of Bitcoin to Russian troops for surrendered tank. Is it fake news?
CVE-2022-0492 flaw in Linux Kernel cgroups feature allows container escape
Charities and NGOs providing support in Ukraine hit by malware

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