Security Affairs newsletter Round 364 by Pierluigi Paganini

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Raspberry Robin spreads via removable USB devices
Malware campaign hides a shellcode into Windows event logs
US gov sanctions cryptocurrency mixer Blender also used by North Korea-linked Lazarus APT
How the thriving fraud industry within Facebook attacks independent media
QNAP fixes multiple flaws, including a QVR RCE vulnerability
Anonymous and Ukraine IT Army continue to target Russian entities
NetDooka framework distributed via a pay-per-install (PPI) malware service
Vulnerable Docker Installations Are A Playhouse for Malware Attacks
Ukraine IT Army hit EGAIS portal impacting Russia’s alcohol distribution
Google addresses actively exploited Android flaw in the kernel
Cisco addresses three bugs in Enterprise NFVIS Software
A couple of 10-Year-Old flaws affect Avast and AVG antivirus
F5 warns its customers of tens of flaws in its products
China-linked Winnti APT steals intellectual property from companies worldwide
Pro-Ukraine attackers compromise Docker images to launch DDoS attacks on Russian sites
Experts linked multiple ransomware strains North Korea-backed APT38 group
An expert shows how to stop popular ransomware samples via DLL hijacking
China-linked APT Curious Gorge targeted Russian govt agencies
A DNS flaw impacts a library used by millions of IoT devices
China-linked Moshen Dragon abuses security software to sideload malware
UNC3524 APT uses IP cameras to deploy backdoors and target Exchange
Package Analysis dynamic analyzes packages in open-source repositories
Car rental company Sixt hit by a cyberattack that caused temporary disruptions
The mystery behind the samples of the new REvil ransomware operation
Group-IB CEO remains in prison – the Russian-led company has been ‘blacklisted’ in Italy
IoT and Cybersecurity: What’s the Future?
Russia-linked APT29 targets diplomatic and government organizations
Synology and QNAP warn of critical Netatalk flaws in some of their products
Hackers stole +80M from DeFi platforms Rari Capital and Fei Protocol
Apr 24 – Apr 30 Ukraine – Russia the silent cyber conflict

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