Sharingan – Offensive Security Recon Tool

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Sharingan is a recon multitool for offensive security / bug bounty
This is very much a work in progress and I’m relatively new to offensive security in general so if you see something that can be improved please open an issue or PR with suggested changes.

Cloning for development
Outside of your gopath git clone

go get


  • NMap
  • Go


Order matters when it comes to flags it must be sharingancli [globalflags] command [commandflags] if this isn’t a wanted feature I can change it but I like how clean it is


DNS busts the target with a wordlist you provide

sharingancli --target targetname dns --dns-wordlist ~/path/to/wordlist --root-domain

Adds subdomains to the program’s storage from stdin using pipes

cat subs | sharingancli --target targetname dns addsubs

Scans all hosts available that were stored in target using nmap

sharingancli --target target scan

Scan a single host from list of subdomains stored in target

sharingancli --target target scan interactive


Outputs all domains as a list in stdout

sharingancli --target target info domains

Features to come

  • Dir brute forcing — Currently being worked on
  • JSON and regular file exports
  • Automated scans through a daemon?
  • add a way to do SYN / -sS scanning [ must be root so it presents a challenge ]
  • Possible Web ui / html export
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