Shisho – Lightweight Static Analyzer For Several Programming Languages

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Shisho is a lightweight

Try at Playground

You can try Shisho at our playground.

Try with Docker

You can try shisho in your machine as follows:

echo "func test(v []string) int { return len(v) + 1; }" | docker run -i find "len(:[...])" --lang=go
echo "func test(v []string) int { return len(v) + 1; }" > file.go
docker run -i -v $(PWD):/workspace find "len(:[...])" --lang=go /workspace/file.go

Install with pre-built binaries

When you’d like to run shisho outside docker containers, please follow the instructions below:

Linux / macOS

Run the following command(s):

# Linux
wget -O
chmod +x ./shisho
mv ./shisho /usr/local/bin/shisho

# macOS
wget -O
chmod +x ./shisho
mv ./shisho /usr/local/bin/shisho

Then you’ll see a shisho’s executable in /usr/local/bin.


Download the prebuild binary from releases and put it into your %PATH% directory.

If you’re using Windows Subsystem for Linux, you can install shisho with the above instructions.


  • We’re also building Shisho as a Service to make Security-as-Code more accessible.
  • If you need direct support, you can contact us at [email protected].
Download Shisho

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