smbAutoRelay – Provides The Automation Of SMB/NTLM Relay Technique For Pentesting And Red Teaming Exercises In Active Directory Environments

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SMB AutoRelay provides the automation of SMB/NTLM Relay technique for pentesting and red teaming exercises in active directory environments.


Syntax: ./ -i <interface> -t <file> [-q] [-d] .

Example: ./ -i eth0 -t ./targets.txt .

Notice that the targets file should contain just the IP addresses of each target, one per line, to which you want to try the SMB/NTLM Relay technique.

Run ./ [-h] to see other options.

Software which installs in the current directory [ needed to run properly ]

  • responder
  • impacket

Software which installs through apt , if not installed [ needed to run properly ]

  • tmux
  • rlwrap
  • python
  • python3
  • netcat
  • wget
  • xterm
  • net-tools


  • Add the possibility to capture and crack the NetNTLM hashes.
  • Addapt it to use terminal profiles
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