SSB – A Faster And Simpler Way To Bruteforce SSH Server

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Secure Shell Bruteforcer — A faster & simpler way to bruteforce SSH server.


from Binary

Download a pre-built binary from releases page, unpack and run! Or:

▶ (sudo) curl -sSfL '' | sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin

from Source

Need go1.14+ compiler installed and configured, then:

▶ GO111MODULE=on go get


▶ ssb [-p port] [-w wordlist.txt] [-t timeout]
[-c concurrent] [-r retries] [-o output] [[email protected]]hostname


  -p port       Port to connect to on the remote host (default 22).    -w wordlist       Path to wordlist file.    -t timeout       Connection timeout (default 30s).    -c concurrent       Concurrency/threads level (default 100).    -r retries       Specify the connection retries (default 1).    -o output       Save valid password to file.    -v       Verbose mode.  
Download Ssb

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