Security researchers published limited details about four unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer because Microsoft has not moved quickly enough to fix them. The flaws could potentially be exploited to execute malicious code on computers when users visit compromised websites or open specially crafted documents. They were reported through Hewlett-Packard’s Zero […]

Unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Windows users have been told to download a security patch IMMEDIATELY following the discovery of a “critical” security flaw which has left one BILLION PC owners vulnerable. Microsoft has rolled out an emergency patch for a “critical” bug found in almost every version of Windows, including the upcoming Windows […]

Microsoft : One BILLION PCs left open to HACKERS

Another day, another round of security fixes. And it’s not even the first round of the day, if you count Adobe’s latest release. In Microsoft’s round of updates for July, the company has issued 14 bulletins fixing dozens of vulnerabilities in many Microsoft products, including Windows and Office. Three of the […]

Microsoft releases 14 security fixes in July’s Patch Tuesday