The Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV

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Take a moment and look around your home. How much of it uses some time of wifi or smart functionality? Your phone? Almost definitely. What about your thermostat? Or your lights?

There’s a really good chance your television has smart capabilities, which is rapidly changing the way we watch our favourite shows or movies. No longer do we have devices that require us to flip mindlessly through channels.

Now we can watch movies, television shows, or play games anytime we want. We’re not restricted by what’s on during a certain time slot – anyone else remembers Must See TV on Thursday nights?

If you aren’t familiar with smart TVs yet, you may not realize how tough it can be to use one with basic remote control. There are many different features that would be much easier to navigate with the use of a wireless keyboard.

Thankfully, there are plenty of wireless keyboards on the market, so you don’t have to worry about having difficulty finding one that works for you. However, that also means you might have trouble selecting the right keyboard for your needs.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Wireless Keyboard Types


For the most part, wireless keyboards are one of three types: Bluetooth, infrared, or radiofrequency. Let’s review each of these types.


One of the latest advancements in wireless keyboard technology is the addition of Bluetooth as a connection option. With Bluetooth, you can connect your wireless keyboard right to your smart TV.

Using Bluetooth is an ideal method of communication as it is less likely to be interfered with by other devices that use the same technology. This is a great option since nearly all smart TVs nowadays offer Bluetooth connectivity.


Infrared keyboards aren’t as popular as they once were, although if you happen to have a smart TV that doesn’t offer Bluetooth, an infrared keyboard may be a solid option. However, with the rise of Bluetooth these keyboards have become more difficult to locate.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency keyboards, also known as RF keyboards, use a USB dongle that you need to insert into the USB port on your television so it can communicate with it. This type of keyboard could be a decent option if you own a tv that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.

However, keep in mind that these types of keyboards only provide 6-10 feet of range. That means you need to be fairly close to your television for it to work. Typically this won’t be a problem, just something to remember if you choose an RF keyboard.

Things to Consider


Before you head over to Amazon and buy a keyboard that you think will work for you, take a moment and think about what you might want or need in a wireless keyboard. Here are a few features we came up with that you may want to consider:


You can find wireless keyboards in various sizes. Which one makes the most sense for you?


With a full-size keyboard, you’re getting all the features and functionality you get with a “typical” keyboard, including a number pad. These are the keyboards often associated with computers, so having the extra keys can come in handy with your smart TV.

However, their larger size makes them a little less popular because you need a place to store them. Plus, you only use it when watching television, so its uses are limited, which may not require a full-fledged keyboard.


Compact keyboards are usually around 60% the size of full-sized keyboards. These keyboards get rid of both the number pad and the function keys, maximizing space. Their small size makes them perfect for travel or for use with your Samsung smart TV.


These types of keyboards are also referred to as TKLs. They are around 80% the size of a full-sized keyboard, achieving their size by removing the number pad. These are also great options for use with your smart TV since you probably aren’t going to use the number pad much.


There are some keyboards on the market that let you plug them in and recharge them, while there are others that use disposable batteries. There are pros and cons to each.

For example, if you’re using disposable batteries, you need to have some on hand in case they run out of juice. However, so long as you do, you can quickly resume what you were doing without interruption.

On the other hand, keyboards that can be recharged are cheaper in the long run since you don’t have to keep buying batteries for it. But if it dies while you’re in the middle of doing something, you have to wait for it to charge back up before you can use it again.

No matter which method you choose, it may make sense to find one that offers a long battery life. That way you don’t have to mess with a charging station or constantly changing out the batteries.


The range you need from your wireless keyboard may depend entirely on the size and layout of your room. If you’re in a large room, you’ll need a keyboard that can offer more range. If this is the case, then an RF keyboard may not make sense for you, since they usually top out at around 10 feet.

Comparatively, infrared keyboards can extend to around 12 feet. However, they require a clear line of sight between the keyboard and the receiver in the USB port on your television to work properly.

If you have a lot of room between your television and where you sit, then you’ll want to go with a Bluetooth keyboard. They offer a range of around 30 feet, so you’d have to have a fairly large room to run into problems.


One thing many people don’t think of is the design and comfort of a keyboard, especially one that isn’t used very often. While this may not be a huge priority on the list of considerations, it still might be something to think about.

Best Wireless Keyboards for Samsung Smart TV

As you search for the best wireless keyboards for your Samsung smart TV, you’re likely to encounter a lot of different choices. There are plenty of features out there, so we’ve come up with some of the best options to help you take a bit of the guesswork in making a selection.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV – Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard


If you’re looking for a Bluetooth keyboard packed with features, look no further than the Logitech K830. This keyboard works not only with Bluetooth, but also comes with an RF receiver if you want to use it that way, too.

While the K830 Bluetooth option doesn’t work with every single Samsung smart TV on the market, it will still work through the wireless receiver. The K830 keyboards have a backlight feature, which automatically adjusts based on how much light is coming into the room.

It also has a trackpad and several multimedia buttons. The keyboard doesn’t come with function keys or a number pad, but if all you’re using it for is your television, you won’t need those very much anyway. Due in large part to the trackpad on the keyboard, it’s about the size of a TKL.

If you are in the market for a nice, easy to use a keyboard that comes with a trackpad, the K830 is a solid option. Plus, it’s a popular choice for any smart TV since you can connect it via Bluetooth or RF.

K830 Pros

  • Users can connect via RF receiver or Bluetooth
  • Backlight adjusts to amount of light in the room
  • Features a large trackpad on the keyboard
  • Easy to use

K830 Cons

  • The keyboard doesn’t include number pad or function keys
  • Bluetooth won’t work with all Samsung smart TVs

Most Affordable Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV – Logitech K400


The Logitech K400 is a great option for anyone who is in the market for an affordable wireless keyboard that still offers plenty of functionality. This wireless keyboard is sleek and slim and provides sufficient space for all its keys.

On the right side of the K400, there is a 3.5-inch touchpad with buttons for a mouse. With these buttons, you’ll have all the same features and functionalities you’ll get through a standard mouse.

This keyboard is straightforward and easy to use. Large buttons for your media reside above the touchpad, and the design is comfortable and relaxing. With a multi-gesture control touchpad, you have the ability to put your cursor anywhere on the screen you need it.

While the K400 uses disposable batteries, they’ll last you quite a while before you need to mess with replacing them. This keyboard is compatible with a lot of different smart TVs, which makes it a solid option for anyone who doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity on their television.

K400 Pros

  • Plenty of spacing for keys
  • Great size for using with your smart TV
  • Multi-gestured touchpad functionality

K400 Cons

  • Does not support Bluetooth
  • Is not backlit

Best Compact Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV – Rii i8+


For those looking for a nice, compact keyboard for their Samsung Smart TV, check out the Rii i8+. This keyboard packs a lot of features and functionality into a small package. The i8+ is great for those who don’t plan on using their keyboard a whole lot.

This compact selection includes an entire QWERTY keyboard, along with an RF receiver you can plug into your television. There are a pair of D-pad controls, one on each side of the keyboard, along with a multi-gesture trackpad.

The i8+ gives off the feel of a controller for video gaming, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you may want to give this keyboard serious consideration. Even though it’s one of the smaller keyboards on the market, it still manages to stuff 92 keys onto its small frame.

You’ll get all the features and functionality you expect with this compact keyboard, including controls for your media viewing. This is a great keyboard for your Samsung smart TV, plus it’s small enough you can pack it up and take it with you when you travel.

i8+ Pros

  • Built-in multi-gesture trackpad
  • Compatible with a wide variety of smart TVs
  • Small and compact
  • Plenty of features and functionality

i8+ Cons

  • Isn’t backlit
  • The frequency range isn’t as far as other options on the market

Best Wireless Keyboard with a Mouse for Samsung Smart TV – Microsoft Wireless 900


For a more traditional wireless keyboard for your smart TV, check out the Microsoft Wireless 900. This full-featured keyboard comes with a mouse/keyboard combo, which gives you all the functionality you would get with a typical desktop mouse and keyboard setup.

While the keyboard itself is compact, the result is that the keys are spaced tightly together in an effort to fit everything on the frame. However, the slim design of the 900 makes it easy to put away anytime you’re not putting it to use.

The mouse that comes with the keyboard feels comfortable and isn’t too small. Included with the hardware is an RF receiver that you plug right into the USB port on your TV. This receiver connects to both the mouse and the keyboard, so you don’t have to mess with multiple connections.

Microsoft says that the disposable batteries that come with the 900 will last nearly 24 months before they need to be replaced. This is pretty impressive no matter what type of device you’re talking about.

Lastly, the 900 offers further range than you would typically get with RF keyboard, boasting connectivity from up to 30 feet away. This is roughly the same distance you’ll get from most Bluetooth keyboards.

Overall, this combination mouse and keyboard is a solid option for anyone who prefers to have something similar to their desktop setup to control their smart TV.

900 Pros

  • Supports range up to 30 feet
  • The long-lasting battery life of nearly 24-months
  • Combo keyboard and mouse
  • Single receiver controls both mouse and keyboard

900 Cons

  • No backlight
  • Keys feel tight and cramped


Do I need to have a wireless keyboard for my Samsung Smart TV?

You don’t have to have one, but chances are if you have a fairly new smart TV, then it is Bluetooth enabled. With the latest and greatest options, you can connect your wireless keyboards through Bluetooth, infrared, or through an RF receiver that communicates directly with your keyboard.

Where do I find Bluetooth on my Samsung Smart TV?

On most Samsung smart TVs, the following will get you to the Bluetooth settings: Press the Home button on the Samsung remote control. Once you’re on the Home screen, navigate to the Settings and select them.
Here you’ll see the Bluetooth setting option. Select it, then find your keyboard to being the pairing process.

Do all Samsung Smart TVs support Bluetooth?

No, not all Samsung Smart TVs come with Bluetooth. However, there are a lot that do include this feature. For the ones that offer this functionality, you can connect your headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and other devices.

Can I use a USB keyboard and mouse with my Samsung Smart TV?

If you get a Samsung Smart TV that was manufactured within the past two years, you can use a USB keyboard and mouse with it. Samsung started including a new feature called “Remote Access,” on its Smart TVs, which allows users to use PC inputs – like a mouse or keyboard – to control their television.

Our Pick for Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV

Screen Shot 2020 03 21 at 12.58.46 PM

Every one of the wireless keyboards on our list will work for most people. However, you may discover that one of these makes more sense for you than the others do. Take a moment to determine exactly what you plan on doing with your wireless keyboard.

As for us, we really like the Logitech K830. This is primarily because it provides you with multiple ways to connect to your television. Even if you have an older TV that doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can still use the RF receiver to connect your keyboard.

Plus, the backlit keyboard makes it really nice, since it allows you to use your keyboard anytime you want without the need to turn on a light to see what you’re typing.

Regardless, it’s pretty cool that you can use a keyboard to interact with your television. Who would have thought that was a thing 30 years ago? I know I wouldn’t have.

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