ThreatBox – A Standard And Controlled Linux Based Attack Platform

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ThreatBox is a standard and controlled Linux based attack platform. I’ve used a version of this for years. It started as a collection of scripts, lived as a rolling virtual machine, existed as code to build a Linux ISO, and has now been converted to a set of ansible playbooks. Why Ansible? Why not? This seemed to be the next natural evolution to the configuration of standard attack platforms.

This project uses ansible playbooks and roles to perform post deployment configuration on a linux target (Tested on Ubuntu 18.04).

The project is designed to be used as a starter process in creating, managing, and using a standard attack platform for

Tool Categories

Tracking of all installed tools

Automatic terminal logging

Custom terminal options provide more context

Light version of the terminal 

Pipenv keep Python projects independent

Example of SilentTrinity running in pipenv environment

Download Threatbox

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