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TwitWork – Monitor Twitter Stream

Monitor twitter stream.
TwitWork use the twitter stream which allows you to have a tweets in real-time.
There is an input that allows you to filter the flow on one (or more) keywords or on an @ based on twitter tracking

This is a demo of export data on keyword “Coronavirius”


  • NodeJs
  • Npm
  • Twitter api key


git clone
cd TwitWork
npm install

Run it

npm start

Development setup
For the improvement of the software, do not hesitate to make your proposal in the support section

To Do

  • Main menu
    • Add/save file
    • Edit API key
    • Setting
  • Core
    • Hashtag extract
    • Add node/edge for hashtag

atmon3r – @atmon3r – [email protected]

Download TwitWork
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