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ACD the 5th Year: report now available to download

The aim of the NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme is to “Protect the majority of people in the UK from the majority of the harm caused by the majority of the cyber attacks the majority of the time.”

ACD was launched in 2017. Cyber security has changed substantively over the intervening five years, and ACD has adapted to meet the increasing sophistication and scale of the threat. It’s only by doing this that ACD can continue to protect the UK – in a relatively automated way – from a significant proportion of commodity cyber attacks.

Each year, we reflect on what ACD has achieved, and pull this together into an annual report. It is amazing when this is brought together in one place to see the breadth and depth of what ACD has to offer, and the impact it has. The report also captures how we’re broadening our customer base, with a number of ACD services now available to organisations beyond the public sector. If you are keen to find out more about ACD and the services it delivers, please visit the ACD website

This year, we decided to highlight the ‘key findings’ of the full 2021 report, and published this a few weeks ago to coincide with CYBERUK. For those who’ve already read the key findings, we hope that it whetted your appetite for the full version, which is now available to download.

We welcome feedback on this report, particularly ideas for improved approaches, or data that would be useful in future reports, and comparisons or pointers to similar efforts. You can always get in touch using the ACD website.

Dave W
Active Cyber Defence

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