caf 3.1
The Cyber Assessment Framework 3.1

This latest version of the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF), 3.1, supports the CAF’s core users – organisations within the UK Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), those subject to the Network and Information Systems (NIS) Regulations, and those involved in cyber-related public safety – and the increasing number of organisations who are using the CAF to help improve their cyber resilience.

The update has focussed on language revisions to improve clarity and consistency in the Framework for the Principles, their Contributing Outcomes and Indicators of Good Practice (IGPs). A more substantial change, following the UK Government placing the CAF at the heart of the new Government Cyber Security Strategy and consequently its growing use by public sector organisations, introduces a Partially Achieved level to the IGP for Media / Equipment sanitisation in recognition of the risk to data confidentiality that public sector organisations manage.

Every revision is done in full consultation with NIS regulators and all other interested parties. During this latest review the importance of using the supporting guidance alongside the Framework came to the fore. We would encourage all users to make sure they have both open when they are using the CAF – the additional context within the guidance really helps in interpreting the Framework.

Finally, we continue to consider whether the CAF remains reflective of its users following a change to the threat and the expansion of use into new sectors. Any future changes won’t take away the fact that it will remain outcome focussed allowing organisations to take a risk based approach when considering their cyber resilience.

Jason G1
NCSC Support to Regulation

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