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Victim Name “ONCALL Language Services”
Victim Website
Address L 2 150 Albert Rd South Melbourne VICTORIA, 3205 Australia Tel: +61-388072300
About ONCALL was founded by an interpreter in Melbourne in 1984 with the aim of providing professional and high-quality interpreting and translation services. Since then, ONCALL has expanded into all States and territories throughout Australia as well as internationally, with the opening of the Brussels office in 2013 and London office in 2014, supporting large government departments and healthcare organisations to communicate effectively with their culturally and linguistically diverse communities on a global scale. Further establishment of an in-house Technology and Innovation department in 2016 has allowed ONCALL to stay at the forefront of language technology development, streamlining the interpreter booking process and providing increased access to the highest credentialled interpreters and translators in a wider range of languages and dialects.
Date of Breach
Files Published Accounts_UK.rar,GDPR.rar
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