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Cyber Security in the Built Environment – considering security throughout a buildings lifecycle

A building being designed today is, as you can expect, lightyears away from one designed only a few decades ago, and even more so from those designed and built in previous centuries that still stand in our towns and cities.

As the role and use of a building will evolve over its lifetime, it’s important to understand and consider its position in the super connected modern environment and make efforts to protect those using the building; the tenants, their suppliers and visitors, even those using the structure to host technology rather people, and the building’s own ‘in house’ systems.

To support those involved in the design, management, operation and security of building-related systems the Code of Practice: Cyber Security in the Built Environment has been extensively revised and restructured. The new version, developed by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), the NCSC and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), focuses on security principles that should be applied to the various technologies found in the built environment. In fact, the principles are described in such a way that they should still be applicable to future concepts being planned for the next generation of buildings.

The NCSC’s involvement aligns with our increased focus on the wider topic of securing smart cities and ‘connected places’ and building relationships with civil engineering, architecture and construction organisations so that they can better protect themselves from cyber attacks. We intend the updated Code of Practice and our guidance to work together and enable a better protected physical environment more resilient to cyber attack and disruption.

I would like to thank those in the IET, CPNI and the editorial panel for their diligence and commitment throughout the Code’s revision during the coronavirus pandemic.

As ever, if you have any comments or feedback please get in touch.

Richard M
Chief Technology Officer for Economy & Society, NCSC

Original Source: ncsc[.]gov[.]uk

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