Defending online anonymity and speech with Eva Galperin: Lock and Code S02E03

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This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs. In addition, we talk to Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity for Electronic Frontier Foundation, about the importance of protecting online anonymity and speech.

In January, the New York Times exposed a public harassment campaign likely waged by one woman against the family of her former employer. Decades after being fired, the woman allegedly wrote dozens of fraudulent posts across the Internet, ruining the family’s reputation and often slipping past any repercussions.

Frequently, the websites that hosted this content refused to step in. And, in fact, depending on what anyone posts on major websites today, those types of refusals are entirely within a company’s right.

These stories frequently produce reactionary “solutions” to the Internet—from proposals to change one foundational law to requiring individuals to fully identify themselves for every online conversation. Those solutions, however, can often harm others, including government whistleblowers, human rights activists working against oppressive governments, and domestic abuse survivors.

Tune in to hear about the importance of online anonymity for domestic abuse survivors and why changing one key Internet law will not actually fix the problems we have today, on the latest episode of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.

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We cover our own research on:

  • The mystery of the Silver Sparrow Mac malware
  • Clop targets execs, ransomware tactics get another new twist
  • LazyScripter: From Empire to double RAT
  • Scammers, profiteers, and shady sites? It must be tax season

Other cybersecurity news

  • NCSC helps NurseryCam to secure itself (Source: The Register)
  • Taking a peek behind the big-tech curtain (Source: Medium Blog)
  • A tale of cloned attack tools (Source: Check Point Blog)
  • Phishers imitate well-known shipping companies (Source: Tech Radar)
  • Malware gangs forge alliances (Source: Threat Post)

Stay safe, everyone!

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