How to delete multiple Google Calendar events

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IF like me you have moved from one service to another over the years, you have probably exported a calendar or two and imported it, right?

We’ll I did just that, but one of my events was a reoccurring event, so when it was imported it was added as 10,000 single events #fail



I couldn’t find a good way to delete these events, so i had to rely on Google API to get this fixed.

Go to

Click on Get Started then paste in the code below and click run

You will have 10,000 events you can remove in one day.


Below is the code used

Remember to uncomment the //var.deleteEvent() otherwise it won’t actually delete, this is here to stop people deleting by accident.

Make sure you enter your google calendar email as your var CalendarName

and var toRemove = ‘ the name of the event ‘


function delete_events()
  //take care: Date function starts at 0 for the month (January=0)
  var fromDate = new Date(2014,7,1,0,0,0); //This is August 1, 2014
  var toDate = new Date(2099,2,1,0,0,0);   //This is March 1, 2099 at 00h00'00"
  var calendarName = '[email protected]';
  var toRemove = 'Event Name here';

  var calendar = CalendarApp.getCalendarsByName(calendarName)[0];
  var events = calendar.getEvents(fromDate, toDate,{search: toRemove});
  for(var i=0; i<events.length;i++)
    var ev = events[i];
    if(ev.getTitle()==toRemove) //check if the title matches
      Logger.log('Item '+ev.getTitle()+' found on '+ev.getStartTime()); // show event name and date in log
      ev.deleteEvent(); //uncomment this line to actually do the delete !



Good luck and hope this helps.

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