DNSrr – A Tool Written In Bash, Used To Enumerate All The Juicy Stuff From DNS

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Dnsrr 1 1 795150

DNSrr is a tool written in bash, used to enumerate all the juicy stuff from DNS records, it uses different techniques like

  • DNS Forward Bruteforce
  • DNS Reverse Bruteforce
  • DNS Cache Snooping
  • DNS Zone Transfer

To get you all the information that you can get, from a DNS server.


Install it using git

git clone https://github.com/A3h1nt/Dnsrr

Get Started

./dnsrr.sh --help


------------------- USAGE ------------------
-z : Attempt Zone Transfer
Syntax: ./dns.sh -z [Nameserver] [Domain Name]
-fb : Forward Lookup Bruteforce
Syntax: ./dns.sh [Domain Name]
Syntax: ./dns.sh [Domain Name] [Wordlist]
-rb : Reverse Lookup Bruteforce
Syntax: ./dns.sh [Domain Name]
-cs : Perform DNS Cache Snooping
Syntax: ./dns.sh [Name Server] [Wordlist]
-x : Explain A Particular Option
Syntax: ./dns.sh -x [Option_Name]

DNSrr supports five different options, including the one that explains the other four options. So just incase you don’t know what a particular option is doing, you can simply use -x option, to understand the technique behind it.


# To explain zone transfer
./dnsrr -x z

Sample Execution

Zone Transfer

Dnsrr 1 1 795150

Forward Lookup Bruteforce

Dnsrr 2 2 702174

To Do

  • Add new techniques that can be used to enumerate data from DNS.
  • Report Bugs
  • Add any new/missing feature.


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Download Dnsrr

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