IoT-PT – A Virtual Environment For Pentesting IoT Devices

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IoT PT 2 IoT PT2528w2529

IoT PT 3 IoT PT1

A new pentesting virtual environment for IoT Devices
Download Link :
MD5 : d9c20057b14cfa3fb25f744813b828df ; SHA1: 8828d693dc6c809377bab40d2bc26f525685e287

OS info and Requirements

  • Base OS : Lubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Processors : 2 (By default 4)
  • RAM : 3GB (By default 8)
  • VirtualBox 6+

username : iotpt ; password : iot1

To Do:-

  • To Develop OpenSource Hardware Lab
  • To Develop OS More reliable
Download IoT-PT

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