TeamViewer has announced two new features today aimed at boosting the app’s security after the company’s reputation was smirched this week. It all happened following a DDoS attack that downed its servers, during which many users flocked online to complain about getting hacked.

The two new features are called Trusted Devices and Data Integrity. The company says the first one was specifically designed to prevent attackers from taking over user accounts.

Trusted Devices works by monitoring a user’s account. When the user uses a new device to log into their TeamViewer account, before being granted access, they must click a link they receive in a validation email sent to the account owner’s email address.

New features would make it harder to hack into TeamViewer accounts
If a hacker hijacked a user’s TeamViewer account, they must also have access to the victim’s email account in order to log into their account.

The company’s second feature is named Data Integrity and will work by monitoring a user’s account activity.

If TeamViewer’s system detects unusual behavior, such as logins from a new location, the Data Integrity service forces a password reset. The user would then have to go to their email account and follow the instructions to set a new password.

The company has already deployed the features starting today and hopes to boost its product’s reputation after the terrible week it had.

TeamViewer says there was no data breach, only a coincidence
As for the suspected security breach, TeamViewer claims that nothing wrong happened on its side. The company stands strong by its statement that a DDoS attack knocked some of its servers offline, but it managed to bring them back online after a few hours.

TeamViewer blames the recent mega breaches for dumping a large number of usernames and cleartext password combinations online, which helped hackers test TeamViewer accounts for any situations of password reuse.